Sagas Symbols and Stones

An exhibition of etchings drawings and paintings at Aberdeen Arts Centre, June - July 1997

Land Sea and Sky
Portsoy Salmon Bothy
October 2011

Illustrated talk:
Stone Circles around Deveron, Dee and Don - an artist's view

Portsoy Salmon Bothy
November 2010
Anna Edelsten graduated in sculpture at Gray's School of Art in 1981. Much of work has been inspired by natural spirals and marine forms, and Bronze Age art of Minoan Greece and northern Europe.
Stencil Etchings
The etchings, made at Peacock Print Makers, were printed on an antique etching press. Anna developed an individual process of inserting paper stencils between the inked-up etched steel plate and the paper to mask out, and emboss, areas of the final print. These paper masks were reused either in collage on another print or to offset a printed image onto an already printed or a fresh piece of paper.